Cropped Jacket – Black

This jacket is made from cozy 100% wool and lined with luxurious silk.  I try to choose wool that isn't scratchy, the silk lining feels heavenly and is a surprise of playful colour on the inside.  This jacket is waist length which makes it perfect to wear with dresses or worn over a top with jeans.

Size 8
Chest: 86cm (34")
Waist: 81cm (32")
Length: 46cm (18")
Sleeve Length: 62cm (24")

Size 10
Chest: 90cm (35")
Waist: 84cm (33")
Length: 47.5cm (19")
Sleeve Length: 64cm (25")

Size 12
Chest: 94cm (37")
Waist: 89cm (35")
Length: 50cm (20")
Sleeve Length: 66cm (26")

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