Lux Coat

This is a gorgeously elegant coat, featuring reminiscent hints of the 1950's.  The sleeves are draped and provide a freedom of movement that is often missing from other coats.  The neckline is also slightly draped which can sit up or slouch down depending on the look you are after.  Pockets are hidden in the sides of the coat and will keep your hands nice and warm this winter.  The hem of the Lux Coat drops at the back and rises at the front.  All in all this is a very easy coat to wear, its very comfortable and will keep you warm all winter.

The Lux Coat is made from 60% Wool/40% Viscoses and is currently lined in a wonderful lily patterned lining which is 77% Polyester/20% Cotton/3% Spandex.  There is only a limited amount of this lining so I will be sourcing a new lining soon.  Once its gone I can't get anymore!  Buttons are coconut shell buttons.

This coat will also look great in Black!  Send me an email if you are interested in a black Lux Coat to

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The Lux Coat is styled to be looser through the chest and waist and fitted at the hips so when choosing a size its best to go off the hip measurements.  Please see below for approximate garment measurements:
Size 8
Hips: 97cm
Front Length: 83cm
Back Length: 95cm

Size 10
Hips: 102cm
Front Length: 85cm
Back Length: 97cm

Size 12
Hips: 107cm
Front Length: 87cm
Back Length: 99cm


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