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The last of the travel pics!

I’m back in New Zealand now and finally getting back into business, but before I do I wanted to share a few more travel pics.

After we left Denmark we travelled down to Stuttgart, Germany to visit friends…

Stuttgart 2


Stuttgart 3


Denmark is very flat and the highest hill is about 100m, so I was very excited to train through Austria and see these beautiful mountains!

We then spent 5 days in Budapest, Hungary…

Budapest 1

My new Danish winter wear helped me survive the coldest winter I’ve ever had.  On the upside I’m now over prepared for a New Zealand winter

Budapest 2

The view of Budapest – I loved it here!

From Hungary we travelled back to Vienna, Austria

Icy cold but absolutely beautiful!

Vienna 1

Vienna 3

Vienna 2

And our final destination was beautiful sunny Prague

(temperatures were almost 10 degrees which was almost tropical compared to the other cities we had just visited!)


Prague 3

Prague 2

I just love to travel!  Seeing and experiencing so many different countries, cities and cultures brings me so much joy.  But after 7 months away from New Zealand I am so happy to be home!  There really is no place like home!!

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