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The last of the travel pics!

I’m back in New Zealand now and finally getting back into business, but before I do I wanted to share a few more travel pics.

After we left Denmark we travelled down to Stuttgart, Germany to visit friends…

Stuttgart 2


Stuttgart 3


Denmark is very flat and the highest hill is about 100m, so I was very excited to train through Austria and see these beautiful mountains!

We then spent 5 days in Budapest, Hungary…

Budapest 1

My new Danish winter wear helped me survive the coldest winter I’ve ever had.  On the upside I’m now over prepared for a New Zealand winter

Budapest 2

The view of Budapest – I loved it here!

From Hungary we travelled back to Vienna, Austria

Icy cold but absolutely beautiful!

Vienna 1

Vienna 3

Vienna 2

And our final destination was beautiful sunny Prague

(temperatures were almost 10 degrees which was almost tropical compared to the other cities we had just visited!)


Prague 3

Prague 2

I just love to travel!  Seeing and experiencing so many different countries, cities and cultures brings me so much joy.  But after 7 months away from New Zealand I am so happy to be home!  There really is no place like home!!

2014-02-15 19.57.07

Custom Orders

I’m happy to produce custom orders when I have the fabric available.  At the moment I have Peacock Blue wool/viscose available to create in any jacket.  I’ve already produced it in the Cropped Jacket (as pictured below) as well as the Flared Coat and it looks stunning!

Below is the Flared Coat made from 100% Wool in and the colour is called Winter Coral.  This coat looks amazing in colour!

Hip Length Jacket in Cobalt Blue! Unfortunately I’ve run out of this colour